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  2016年5月28、29日的叨光应当重心复课哪些题目? 新正西方海外面部的孟炎症教养员为父亲家带到来2016年5月28、29日叨光孤定场诗话预测题,期望父亲家得到满意的叨光效实!更多5月28、29日叨光机经预测凶戳》》》5月28、29日叨光预测

  A. 高科技:

  1. Describe what your life would be like if you were not allowed to use the cell phone for a month. Explain why. Please include details and examples in your explanation.

  Well, honestly I think my life will be totally different. I actually depend on cell phone to connect with my friends. You know, I use lots of social network apps like wechat, twitter, and facebook to update what is going on with my life and send messages to my friends. Without the cell phone, I cannot even get hold of my friends and families. Additionally, as a college student, I am very busy with school work, like prepare for exam, do group projects, and write papers. I shop online for a lots of things just so I can save some time. I buy daily necessities, like outfits, snacks and electronic appliances on line. So I guess it will be a lot inconvenient without cell phone.

  2. Do you agree with the following statement: social networking websites are good for us? Please use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  Well, yes definitely, personally I am a big internet fan, and I think on-line social networks is a very good to socialize with friends and family members, and even get connected with professionals. My first reason is that it is instant and easy to use, social network like facebook, MSN, and professional social network-Linkedin. With wifi access and a tablet or smart phone, I can connect with people in no time. Additionally, before the invention of on-line social network, we have to call someone through the phone or visit them in person and it is very costly in terms of both money and time, cuz we have to physically be somewhere in order to talk to them face to face, with on-line social network, it also helps us to expand our social networking.

  3. School should require all students to have their own laptops. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  Personally, I think students should be required to own laptops. To begin with, students might need to write papers, and they can find reference on the internet easily, cuz they can just type the key words in the search engine, and the next moment they know, the answer shows up on the screen, and they basically can find reference on every topic, like technology, history, and even psychology. Also, they need to use lots of software to finish some assignments and projects, so the use of computer is inevitable. For example, I am an economics major, and I need to use statistical software to analyze data, obviously, I cannot do that without the computer.

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